South Klondike Highway

South Klondike Highway Locator Map

Connects: Skagway, AK, to Alaska Highway, YT
Routes#: Alaska 98, BC 2, Yukon 2
Length: 98 miles
Road Surface: Paved
Season: Open all year
Highest Pass: White Pass, elev. 3,292 feet
Map (1 detailed pdf file available):
Skagway, AK to Alaska Highway Junction

The South Klondike Highway is 1 of 2 highways connecting ferry travelers with the Alaska Highway; the other is the Haines Highway out of Haines. The South Klondike Highway, like the Haines Highway, crosses from Alaska into British Columbia, then into Yukon Territory. Also known as the Skagway–Carcross Road, the South Klondike Highway connects Skagway, AK, with the Alaska Highway at Milepost 874.4, 12 miles south of Whitehorse. It is a 2-lane, asphalt-surfaced road, open year-round. The South Klondike Highway offers some spectacular scenery as it climbs an 11 percent grade from sea level at Skagway to White Pass. The highway then winds through the subalpine landscape of Tormented Valley to Tutshi Lake, Tagish Lake and the much photographed Emerald Lake.

The MILEPOST® Quick Reference Log
Miles from Skagway (S) and Alaska Highway (AH) shown.
  • S 0 AH 97.7 SKAGWAY; all services.
  • S 1.2 AH 96.5 Garden City RV Park; camping.
  • S 2 AH 95.7 Jewell Gardens & Glassworks; showcase garden, glass-blowing studio, gift shop, G-scale railroad and a restaurant.
  • S 2.5 AH 95.2 Junction with Dyea Road to Chilkoot Trail.
  • S 6.8 AH 90.9 U.S. Customs and Border Protection; open 24-hours daily, summer; 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Alaska Time) April 1 to Oct. 31.
  • S 14.3 AH 83.4 White Pass Summit (elev. 3,292 feet).
  • S 14.7 (24 km) AH 83 (133.6 km) U.S.–Canada (AK–BC) border.
  • S 22.5 (36.5 km) AH 75.2 (121 km) Fraser, Canada Border Services; open 24-hours daily, summer; 8 a.m. to midnight (Pacific Time) April 1 to Oct. 31.
  • S 65.8 (105.9 km) AH 32.9 (52.1 km) CARCROSS (pop. 399); food, groceries, gas, diesel, camping, gift shops, scenic rail tours. Visitor information: Visitor Reception Centre located in the historic White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad depot. Lodging at Chilkoot Cabins.
  • S 65.7 (106.2 km) AH 32 (51.5 km) Carcross Yukon Government Campground.
  • S 66.6 (107.7 km) AH 31.1 (50 km) Carcross Desert the world's smallest desert.
  • S 67.9 (109.3 km) AH 29.8 (47.9 km) Caribou Crossing Trading Post has the world's largest polar bear mount and as well as a life-size woolly mammoth; dog cart rides; cafe with soups and sandwiches; huskie puppies. Discounted admission for MILEPOST readers.
  • S 72.7 (117.6 km) AH 25 (40.2 km) Emerald Lake (also known as Rainbow Lake) viewpoint.
  • S 97.3 (157 km) AH 0.4 (0.6 km) Yukon Rock Shop in residence southeast side of highway.
  • S 97.7 (157.8 km) AH 0 Junction with the Alaska Highway  at Milepost DC 874.4. It is 12 miles/19 km northwest to Whitehorse, 262 miles/422 km southeast to Watson Lake.

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