Glenn Highway-Tok Cutoff

Glenn Highway Locator Map

Connects: Tok to Anchorage, AK
Route#: Alaska Route 1     
Length: 328 miles     
Road Surface: Paved     
Open all year
Highest Pass: Eureka Summit, elev. 3,322 feet
Maps (3 detailed pdf files available):
Tok Cutoff (Mileposts GJ-125 to GJ 0) to Milepost A 160

Milepost A 160 to Anchorage, AK
Mat-Su Valley Vicinity

The Glenn Highway/Tok Cutoff  is the principal access route from the Alaska Highway west to Anchorage, a distance of 328 miles. This paved all-weather route includes the 125-mile Tok Cutoff, between Tok and the Richardson Highway junction; a 14-mile link via the Richardson Highway; and the 189-mile Glenn Highway, between the Richardson Highway and Anchorage. The 139-mile stretch of the Glenn Highway between Anchorage and Eureka Summit is a National Scenic Byway. Road conditions are generally good along the Tok Cutoff and Glenn Highway, with a number of improved sections of highway that have been or are in the process of being realigned and widened.

The MILEPOST® Quick Reference Log
Miles from Tok (T) and Anchorage (A) shown. (Mileages are rounded off on the Tok Cutoff portion of this log.)

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