Fort Liard

Fort Liard Locator Map

Population: 591

Fort Liard is located on the Liard Trail, 131 miles north of Fort Nelson, BC, and 176 miles south of Fort Simpson, NT. 

Visitor Information: Hamlet of Fort Liard, General Delivery, Fort Liard, NT, Canada X0G 0A0; phone (867) 770-4104; (email).

The North West Co. established a trading post near present-day Fort Liard in 1805. The post was abandoned after the massacre of more than a dozen residents by Indians. It was taken over by the Hudson’s Bay Co. in 1821 and re-established in 1822. Today, this small, well-laid-out settlement of traditional log homes and new modern housing on the south bank of the Liard River supports a comparatively traditional lifestyle of hunting, trapping, fishing and making handicrafts. Recently, oil, gas and forestry have created a rise in the local economy.

Visitor services include gas, lodging at a motel, dining at a local restaurant and camping at the community campground. Groceries, hardware and sundries available at local stores. There is a school, post office and a Roman Catholic mission. There is no bank in Fort Liard.
  • Fishing for pike, pickerel, goldeye and spring grayling at the confluence of the Liard and Petitot rivers.
  • Liard River canoe and boat tours.
  • Air charters to Trout Lake, Virginia Falls, Nahanni National Park, Nahanni Butte and other destinations.
  • Birch-bark baskets and porcupine quill arts and crafts.

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